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You Do Not Have To Go
Through Illness or Loss Alone. 

Discover Crucial Steps Which Will Turn A Time of
Crisis Into A Time of Strength and Meaning. 


"...wisdom, tears, smiles, consoling hands and spiritual guidance. The most important work I have read in the last years. And the most beautiful one too." 

- Judge Amnon Carmi, Editor/Chief, Medicine Law, Haifa Israel 


Dear Friend,

Journey Through Illness And Beyond is a powerful program, uniquely designed for creating emotional health during illness and change. It offers simple, practical guidelines and exercises to help patients, family and friends discover real strength and support during this challenging time.

Turn Illness Into A Time of Growth
and Open New Vistas

Illness may rarely be easy; but it can become a time of growth. Friends, family and professionals no longer have to feel helpless at the bedside of a patient. When all understand the psychological, emotional and spiritual needs that arise at this time of life, they can assist effectively, with wisdom and care.  

The patient, too, benefits from learning new ways of approaching their  illness. This program opens new vistas: it shows how to remain positive, mobilize inner resources and use this time of life to develop a deeper connection to others and to oneself.

During years of working as a psychologist, therapist and workshop leader with the seriously ill, their families and professional staff, I realized that so little was known about how to handle the emotional and spiritual aspects of illness, change and loss. And I saw what a huge difference it made to all concerned when emotional, psychological, social and spiritual questions were handled sensitively, with wisdom and knowledge.

Discover Psychological, Spiritual
 and Practical Wisdom

In order to accomplish this, I developed a program , Journey Through Illness And Beyond. This program is the outcome of over 500 workshops I have created for patients, family, healthcare professionals, clergy and others. The specially designed exercises in the program provide an integration of psychological, spiritual and practical principles. When these principles are applied, this time of life can become one of meaning, healing, and communication, rather than difficulty and despair.

Above all this is practical work. During the course of this program family members and care-givers also learn about themselves. They discover the full spectrum of their own feelings, needs and responses. When we understand the dynamics of illness, loss and change and what it requires of us, we can then become truly available to others. In order to provide on-going care, and prevent burn out, everyone's situation must be addressed and balance attained.

The program is full of concrete information, guidelines and exercises. Step by step, the reader learns how to apply the material directly to their personal lives. 

"Your work has helped me move beyond a broken heart. I never thought I'd feel this way again. Bless you."
 Keith T., MA

The exercises in  Journey Through Illness and Beyond were developed by Dr. Shoshanna in workshops given at  hospitals, universities, guidance centers and in the community. Some of the places these workshops have been presented include Marymount College, Adelphi University, JFK Hospital, Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, North Shore Child Guidance, Attitudinal Healing Center, Interfaith Seminary, New York Zen Studies Society, and many more.

"I have recently begun leading a health program for persons with and concerned about Aids. Your book has been extremely helpful. A masterpiece. Thank you so much.

Peter Hendrickson, Ph.D. (Author - Alive and Well - A Path for Living in the Time of HIV).


Even if you do not wish to go further right now

Benefit from Dr. Shoshanna's guidance available in her free monthly ezine on relationships, Touchstones To Love.  This ezine has articles, exercises and questions and answers.


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"This is by far the most practical, profound, wise and tender book on illness, loss and emotional healing that I have ever read. A life giving book. Congratulations." 

Jana Klenburg, Ph.D. (Psychotherapist)


  • How To Understand And Handle Emotional Changes 

  • How To Understand And Participate in The Healing Process

  • What The Illness Is Telling You -How To Respond

  • How To Embrace Change and Stop Fighting

  • What A Patient Really Needs From You

  • How To  Become Closer To Others 

  • How To Offer True Support and How To Receive It

  • What Is Straight Talk and Why We Need It

  • What Goes On In The Family When A Member Becomes Ill? How To Help.

  • The Gentle Art of Letting Go 

  • What is The Grieving Process and How To Best Go Through It. 

  • Simple, Effective Exercises To Apply To Your Own Situation

"Marymount Manhattan College Center wishes to thank you for your supportive, enlightening and fascinating work. It was thrilling and exciting. It really helped us feel calmer and clearer and took a lot of stress and anxiety away. We look forward to your next series of lectures." 

--Adrienne Karlin, Program Director

"I want to thank you for your wonderful, profound and enlightening work. When I picked up the book I was dealing with depression, anxiety and going through an emotional crisis in my relationships. I needed an unmistakable guide. This was It."   

-- Leida, Reader, New York, NY


Here Is What Experts Have Said 
About Dr. Shoshanna's Work


"Readers searching for broader meaning will revel in Shoshanna's ability to weave together the basic tenets of psychology with self realization. Shoshanna extends an empty and richly filled hand. This is a highly recommended work to find answers to your life questions." 
-- Publishers Weekly


"Dr. Brenda Shoshanna's program is fantastic. It has turned around the lives of many. The Seminary would certainly be a different place without her." 
-- Rabbi Gelberman, Interfaith Seminary


"If you are looking for a way to have happiness and still live in this world, you have come to the right book. Rarely do eloquent prose, gems of quotes, simple wisdom and practical exercises come in one book. Whatever your spiritual orientation, this is a book you will refer to for years to come."


"...Dr. Deepak Chopra once told me that he thought the single most common and direct cause of illness was anger. If this is true, Dr. Brenda Shoshanna has got to be one of the great world class healers of all time. In her book The Anger Diet, not only does she present the most complete and compelling description of the many forms of anger, but she also tells you how to treat each of them. If you suffer from any form of anger, and who among us does not, then you must read her work. It's a life changing experience."  
R.Winn Henderson, M.D., Host of the International Radio Talk Show, Share Your Mission.


"A healing journey into the inner conflicts and contradictions that us from ourselves." 
-- Armand DiMele - the DiMele Center for Psychotherapy


Who Is Dr. Shoshanna?

Brenda Shoshanna, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist who has been in private practice for many years.

And award winning, international author, she has written many well known books (please see below) which have been translated into thirteen languages.

The relationship expert on i.village, she offers talks and workshops on all aspects of relationships, personal development, loss, and transitions.

Some of the stations she has appeared on include ABC, FOX, MSNBC, and Oxygen. 

Some Other Books Published By Dr. Shoshanna

Zen Miracles

Why Men Leave
Putnam Perigee

Zen And The Art
Of Falling In Love
Simon & Schuster

"Dr. Shoshanna's words are wonderful."  
-Marianne Williamson, Best Selling author of A Return to Love


"Dr. Shoshanna, I must thank you for your caring advice. It has been a great gift. I am so grateful I embarked on your program. It is a great journey with amazing new lessons to learn. You bring light to people and give hope for a new life." 
- Kara, Reader

"I just wanted to tell you Thank You! I find that having your book as my new companion has been my savior. I am beginning to finally understand what a true, meaningful relationship is all about. Itís so wonderful to know that I no longer have to live in confusion. I can only hope that more will be introduced to your work so that true love can prevail."
- Heidi, NYC

"Your work on love has literally changed my life. Thank you." 
- Elizabeth, NJ

"I was truly enlightened as I read Dr. Shoshanna's new book. You discover answers that you have buried away. Your new understanding allows you to beautifully apply this knowledge in your life. Thank you."
- Dr. Winn Henderson, MD

"I have to say that your book has changed my life. Itís absolutely amazing. Your book is opening the doors I never knew were available to open. Thank you sooooo much from the bottom of my heart."
- Trina, CA

"Only once before in my life have I ever cried when I finished a book. Your book has touched my soul and changed my life and how I am interacting with myself and my partner. I want to thank you for your invaluable words and sense of peace I have now that I have finished your extraordinary book."
- Alexis, NJ

"Rarely do eloquent prose, gems of quotes, simple wisdom and practical exercises come in one book. Dr Shoshanna's book offers all these and more. This is a book you will refer to for years to come."
- Lee Jampolsky, Ph.D., author of Healing Together,
Healing the Addictive Mind, and The Art of Trust

Is It Wise To Pass This Opportunity By? 
You may be thinking, will it work for me? Will it really help?

Please try this on a risk free basis. You have a 100% guarantee that if this is not helpful and meaningful, I will completely refund the cost of the book, and you can still keep it.

The Cost of Journey  Through Illness

Let's do a quick comparison - .

  • What is the cost of going to a professional therapists?
  • What is the cost of seminars?
  • What is the cost of buying more and more books?
  • What is the cost to your life of the ongoing pain you may be experiencing?
I'm sure your total is high. But I found a way to provide you with  real value at a fraction of the price.

Journey Through Illness And Beyond is available to you as a downloadable manual (or ebook) directly accessible from the Internet.

As I have no inventory or fulfillment costs, and do not need to pay anyone to take orders over the phone, I pass along my cost savings to you.

Downloading  Journey Through Illness And Beyond is simple. It works perfectly with both MAC or PC computers.

Because you will be downloading everything yourself your total investment in the entire program is only $29.00

And as I said, just try everything at my risk.  

Journey Through Illness and Beyond comes with a 100%,  no-questions asked, money-back guarantee. I personally guarantee that if you aren't fully satisfied after downloading and using the program, simply email us and we'll cheerfully refund your money. 

There is absolutely no way that you can lose.

Okay, So Let's Begin. Here's How You Can Start To Journey Through Illness and Beyond Right Now In The Next 10 Minutes

Here's How To Order Right Now 

Click here for an instant download of this material. Once your credit card is approved, you will be taken to a special download page where you will download everything.

You'll be downloading and learning this unique information within just a few minutes. Before you know it, you'll l be reading the book. 

You can start at the beginning or at any place at all that feels right to you. Absorb the new ideas. Read the stories of what happened to others. Do some exercises and then do some more. Believe me, you 'll be amazed to see how simple this all can be.


Dr. Brenda Shoshanna

P.S.  You may contact me for further information at

If you want even more personal help, I'm available for counseling and consulting. Call (212) 288-0028 for further information.

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